Project presentation "A Step Forward to Youth Employability"

2018/05/04 13:53

Admin Mania
Project presentation

On the October 12th 2017 in the main hall of Faculty of Economics of University of Banja Luka, the presentation of project named "A Step Forward to Youth Employability" took place. This project is financed by the Embassy of U.S.A. in Bosnia in Herzegovina. The presentation of the project was attended by large number of students, faculty’s staff and Mr.  Edward Gallagher, the director of the Embassy of U.S.A office in Banja Luka. The project was designed by a group of young lecturers and assistants of the Faculty of Economics in Banja Luka, while the beneficiaries are the students of final year of the undergraduate studies and master studies.

Among other project activities, the Career and Alumni Centre of Faculty of Economics in Banja Luka was established. It is intended that this Centre (KACEF) will take care on realization of all project activities and create the web portal of the centre. The web portal is intended to enable the direct communication between students and employees, where students will be able to submit their CVs, while employers will be able to directly advertise the internship positions the offer.